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did not reveal the exact cause of her death but say a gun was not used. they say detectives spent the last 13 months doing interviews, collecting evidence, and working with the coroner before deciding to arrest almaguer. >> pretty scary. yeah. pretty scary knowing i had a killer right next to me. >> this change in her cause of death raises last year's homicide total in san jose to 40. currently there are 37 homicides in 2012. reporting live in san jose, matt keller, ktvu channel 2 news. >> statistics show an 18% jump in violent crime across the country last year. it's the first year over year increase in nearly two decades. according to the justice department the biggest jump in crime was aggravated assaults. property crime, including burglary and theft increased 11%. the incidents of rape, sexual assault and crimes involving injury or weapons remain largely unchanged. criminologists say the jump in climb follows 2010's historically low numbers. >> if you thought you saw a fireball flash across the sky tonight, you're not alone. we began getting calls around 7:30 this morning. we
wayne is standing by live in the 500 block of castro street, and tells us, police closed off the busy street. >> reporter: castro street has returned to normal, but police officers are still wrapping up their investigation after a somewhat chaotic scene following a protest by the group homes not jails. san francisco police didn't wait long before storming through the front door of the two story vacant building. two dozen protesters entered the building to call attention to the plight of the homeless. we talked to the protesters as they prepared for a long night of camping out. >> this one has been off the market for about seven years. >> reporter: police moved in after they say protesters started causing damage to the building and dropping items from the roof. >> police noted that several doors have been broken. locks damaged. >> reporter: police say one woman suffered an ankle injury while trying to flee. several dozen spectators gathered to watch the police activity. >> you're saying you want to help homeless people, but you don't threaten violence to do that. so they don't seem to
katsuyama is live where the problem seems to be widespread and she tell us criminals are to blame -- janine de la vega. >> reporter: behind me you can see this sign it's actually a little difficult to see because the lights are out. i've noticed the long 880, 17 and 85 numerous lights are out and caltrans officials told me tonight that it is the work of cooper thieves. >> reporter: this is how drivers are used to seeing overhead freeway signs listing the exit. lightly lit and readable. but along 880 many of the signs are dark. donyell johnson noticed it on other freeways as well. >> 280, 237 sometimes, 880 also. >> reporter: caltranss says thieves are stealing the cooper requiring, they are selling it to recycling centers in exchange for cash. in recent months there have been 700 reports of those thefts in the system. maintenance crews have been reporting the problems but they don't know about all the outages unless they see it for themselves or motorists report it. >> it's a safety issue i think. it could be dangerous and you can't tell where you're going. so it makes it hard for drivers.
the celebration a little too far. ktvu viewer sent us this video of a nummi bus that was set on fire. it happened on third and market street. seven people were on the bus at the time, no one was hurt. but the fire did cause serious damage to the $700,000 bus which nummi says just recently under went a $3,400,000 make over. and several fires were started. a massive group of fans started outside of at&t park. in all police tell us they made 35 arrests, 22 were felonies including charges of aggravated assault and possessing a weapon. most of those arrests were made in the mission district, today business owners had to clean up debris and deal with an explosion of graffiti. >> this is the wall of a popeyes restaurant. and neighbors say they are concerned that there might be a repeat of the vandalism on wednesday when the city hosts the parade for the giants. >> reporter: people started bomb fires along mission and valencia street about 90 minutes after the celebration started. >> just a joy, climb on the post. >> reporter: the business owners continued the clean up. but a sense of hopelessness contin
will need to find another way to get across the bay. happening now, john live near the toll plaza to tell us if this closure is running on time. john? >> reporter: as you can see, it looks like almost all the traffic is finally through. still a few stragglers coming up there. and looking the other way, pan down there, if you would. you see a lot of traffic coming this direction from the west side. still stragglers heading this way. it's going to look almost deserted all weekend long. >> the traffic flowed well across the bridge tonight but this is not how the bridge will look this weekend. a project is shutting it down. >> it is kind of a pain. but they let us know ahead of time. >> this driver is planning ahead for his trip to work tomorrow in hayward. >> if i go, it's going to be bad. and i just want to take the other route and not be late for work. >> this weekend's project is about seismic retro fitting. >> there will be no deck at all. you could fish off the pier. we're not going to let you get that close. >> we went to moon's bar where sports fans were cheering on the giants. people we
monday of october the u.s. supreme court opened its new term of the case involving human rights. the court will decide if federal courts have jurisdiction to hear lawsuits against corporations accused of human rights accuses over seas. at least two justices questioned why the case was being considered in this country. a decision is expected by spring. >>> the supreme court has 49 appeals on its docket. but is expected to consider as many as three dozen more cases. the justices are expected to decide next month whether to take up same-sex marriage. they could hear one or two possible cases. there's prop eight, the california ban on california marriage and the federal defense of marriage act which denies same-sex couples the same federal benefits as hetero sexual couples. >>> macy's is looking forward to the holiday shopping season. the retail giant says it plans to hire 80,000 seasonal workers that's a 2-1/2% increase. most of the work will be part time. the department store chain says the seasonal help will work at macy's and blomingdale online centers and distribution facilitie
studies. >> he was someone that you knew knew a lot that he would be able to teach us. >> he was really nice. he talked a lot about college. he wanted to prep us all for it. >> reporter: today grief counselors were on hand as students were announced of ryan's death. ryan's family said they last saw him tuesday. but at this parking lot deputies found ryan's car just after 11:30 wednesday night. the next day ryan's body was found in the same general area. investigators would not comment on how ryan died. they did say the case is now in the case of coroner's office. back at james logan, students say they have lots of questions but more importantly ryan's presence will be missed. >> he had heart problems. i'm hoping it's something related to that instead of a murder or something like that. >> we're still trying to figure out exactly what happened but i've seen a lot of the teachers and everyone is just shocked. >> i work for the book room, the lady there said that every morning he would come in and he would talk to her and no calls or e-mails he would always make sure he came face to face.
filed against ryan silcox. the 12 year veteran is accused of using his badge to help a woman locked in a nasty custody dispute. >> i do think they were conspiring. >> reporter: jeff huggins is respecting the father behind the custody battle. huggins charges that the deputy looked up information on the father and forwarded it to the mother's attorney regina. >> i don't know what would urge the deputy to look up personal information and disclose it. stupidity i guess. >> all of the law enforcement has access to this information. we all know you can't use that information for your own personal use. >> and if you do? >> you could be fired. >> reporter: the internal and criminal investigations continue, the lawsuit also names the pleasanton police department. claiming that canine officer tim martins also forwarded confidential information about an arrest to be used in the custody case. >> reporter: frank and julie, i was not able to speak to the pleasanton police department but was told they had no comment. >>> san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi is back on his job tonight. he had his f
officials, plan ahead and bring your patience. we have live team coverage. tell us about fleet week events. with begin with matt keller on the crush of people descending on the family. >> reporter: we're here at at&t park. expected to bring traffic to a standstill. >> performed for thousands of people in golden gate park to end the first day of the bluegrass festival. >> it was a huge event. been mellow. >> with events like this all across the city. the traffic will be anything but mellow. expecting a million visitors this weekend for the hardly strictly bluegrass festival. cup races, castro street fair and playoff games. >> if anything else, take public transportation. >> police and transportation officials recommend you do the same. extra bart cars, buses, fer ees and taxi's are being put into service. several streets around golden gate park and all but one. . >> i know it's convenient to drive into the city. once you get into the city, you may find it's as convenient as to take public transportation. >> boats are crowded the bay. a hump back whale was sighted. warning people on the wat
the vessel. >> there was a very big tide today. quickly took us out under the bridge and offshore. >> reporter: the disabled vessel is finally being towed to pier 80. the platform appears to be in good shape, but the wing is destroyed. a devastating blow, but not the end. >> this will be a big test for this team. but i've seen this team in similar situation in the past campaign before we won the america's cup. and a strong team will bounce back from that. this won't stop us winning. >> reporter: this was just the eighth time that the team had taken the boat out since august. i'm told it will be several more hours before the boat arrives back here and the team can start assessing the damage. >> in 15 minutes the charred wreckage of a plane found on the san mateo county coastline. the investigation into what happened to that ill fated flight. >> investigators confirm a motorcyclist who disappeared was the victim of a homicide. he was found in the santa cruz mountains. an autopsy confirmed he was killed. garcia was last seen leaving a party in san jose on his harley davidson on septe
been tightened. amber lee shows us what happened next that led to some heated arguments. >> reporter: there was a lot of tension. security closed the balcony. protesters prevented from entering the council meeting chanted and blew whistles. the sound was piercing and deafening. >> no justice, no peace. no justice, no peace. >> reporter: inside chambers city council president larry reed was shouted down by protests. one person who did get hurt was anne blufford. she says this is the third council meeting she's attended to try to get answered to find out what happened to her son. today she demanded the police report. >> alan is gone. she's not coming back. he can't speak for himself. but i'm here to speak for him. i want that report as his mother. i want to know what happened to my son. >> reporter: brooks promised help to the blufford family but promised to work with the city to make changes. >> but don't you come in here because that didn't change anything. >> reporter: during ruckus meeting, reed offered his copy to blufford father. >> adam, do you want my copy. >> reporter: the blu
. blufford. we tried to reach out o the blu fford family late today they declined to speak to us. the family and their attorney have disputed that blufford had a weapon. >>> a tree fell across the tracks shortly before 5:00 tonight at church hill avenue. caltrans briefly stopped all amtrak trains then used a single track as crewed cleaned up the area. service was back to normal at 5:30. >>> there was a big explosion at the fairgrounds in cayastoga. that crate of ether was found yesterday in a disaster supply stash. residents in nine near by homes were warned to either evacuate or stay inside. >>> let's talk baseball play offs now. it was do or die for both the giants and a's today and both teams did it. staying alive in the race for the pennant. more on the giants coming up in four minutes. a's fans are celebrating the fact that there's going to be a fourth game in this series now. patti. >> reporter: that's right, this courtyard has cleared occupy considerably. but less than an hour ago it was a wash in green and gold. as rabid a's fans celebrated the win. a's fans at the stadium erupted a
reinvigorating the franchise. reporting live in oakland, patti lee, ktvu news. >>> mark ibanez joins us right now. the a's never seemed to be in it. >> we won't have the remake with the bay bridge world series. but the a's when they walk off the field tonight, it was for the last time in 2012. no gatorade throwing, no pies, nothing like that. it all belongs to the tigers in this one. austin jackson gets the score started. 2-0 lead for them out of the third inning. jared parker pitched well. but not well enough. and then for the tigers. four runs in the 7th. prince fielder with a little fly ball, robbing them just a couple of times. not so, getting a little blooper to fall on in. with a weapon like justin verlander as the tigers just needed to give oakland a chance, a four-hit complete game shut out. and one of the arrows last night grounding out to end it, 6-0 the final 11 strikeouts for verlander giving them 22 total in the two games that he pitched. and the divisional series record itself, 6-0 the final is the tigers that do celebrate tonight. but much to the credit of the a's fans as they stuc
people have been wanting to stay with us. >> the tug out store near union square has already sold out two shipments of t-shirts. >> it's great and it'll be great if we win the world series all around. >> from visitors and locals, the city is feeling the boost. >> we notice the bump in 2010 and we're expecting the same thing. revenue comes in because we're so close. it really brings in business. >> reporter: it was just no earlier and the energy is amazing. it's just fantastic. not just the giants but there were also some people with the tigers. >>> the field at at&t park is drying out after last night's rainstorm. and the giants players are drying off after the shower of champagne in the locker room. barry zito is the giant's starting pitcher for game one and justin verlander one of the top pitchers in all of baseball got the nod for the tigers. ktvu's mark ibanez tells us both teams held a light work out this afternoon at the tigers sat on the tarmac finding out who they would be playing. >> i think they knew fairly early after getting off to a close lead who and where they would be goin
us today, yeah. >> reporter: ktvu was outside the park's media gate when security guards chased down a man who said tried to get in the park with a fake badge. a few minutes later we saw security take away badges from two women. >> any time a counter fitting or fraud is counting fitter. they could be subject to imprisonment or state jail. >> reporter: the man was sited. police say they have noticed fraudulent ticket sales appear to be a bigger problem. stay with ktvu for continuing coverage. coming up, how die-hard giant fans fight superstitions superstitions while cheering the game. >>> we want to put up a live picture here from 14th and broadway from news chopper 2, the group has been mostly peaceful tonight and that is certain ly quite a contrast from the violent clashes that took place a year ago. they met around 7:00 this morning then marched through downtown oakland for about an hour. closing streets before finally winding up at frank igawa plaza there at 14th and broadway. we have team coverage, cara liu spoke to a man who was injured there one year ago. but we begin with amb
takes verlander deep, and for those of you just joining us, remember, he had a bases loaded triple in the all-star game off this guy. barry zito, will get the victory. he comes through again. went 5 2/3 innings. just 1 run. and he is the winner. pablo, not finished. again against al albuquerque. way gone to center field. on the night for pablo, three home runs, one single, and four rbi's. the tigers completely stymied. they scored a couple of meaningless runs in the 9th inning, but the giants take game 1, 8-3, beating the tigers ace handily, and they've got the momentum clearly in this series. three games away from a world series title. at at&t, i'm mark ibanez, back to you, frank and julie. >> three home runs in one world series game has only been achieved by a handful of players. babe ruth did it twice in 1926, and 1928. reggie jackson did it in 1977. albert pujols with the cardinals last year, and now pablo sandoval doing it this evening. >> in the east bay, the hop yard bar and grill was rocking tonight. the giant fans were rooting not just for the family, but also their hometo
and harder. they told us they'll be back here on wednesday, picnicking rain or shine. >> fans are just buying stuff up. we're going to go to paul chambers. paul, they're still out there now? >> you can hear them right here. they all are right here. all the giants fans going crazy right here. i tell you what, a lot of people only care about -- a lot came out here to get these new national league championship jerseys and t-shirts. they're all very excited about the world series coming up. i'm live in san francisco. back to you. >> i could watch that all night. the giants had some great pitching. matt cain set the pace in the bull pen. when giants pitchers have support, fans can sit back and enjoy the ride. once again on the field, mark, it seems like the cardinals just fell apart and made it easy for the giants. >> just have so many problems defensively, they seemed to lose their composure off the field. they were fine of course under the guidance of their manager, but on the field, just one mental, physical mistake after another and it cost them dearly. the giants with the big 5-1 to open this
officials tell us they expect 1 million people. but this time the ticketer parade falls on halloween. cara liu is live where the stage is set for a long celebration. >> reporter: a lot of preparations under way all day. night now even at this late hour a lot of excited fans wearing a lot of orange and black. even a dog wearing a panda costume in the crowd here. a bunch of people trying to take pictures and take it all in before tomorrow's frenzy. >> reporter: die-hard fans are already out here at city hall with blankets staking out a front row seat. >> i think to be a great view. i'm a season ticketholder. >> reporter: balloons and banners went up. workers spent the afternoon lining the parade rout with barriers and posting ho parking signs on and around market street. san francisco -- posting no parking signs on and around market street. >> we haven't had problems knock wood on halloween night for a while. >> reporter: officers will only have a few hours between is the parade and halloween celebrations. >> we're also looking to have fire extinguishers in every police vehicle. >> i'm excit
, regulating more. >> are we going to double down on the policies that got us into this mess, or do we embrace a new economic patriotism. >> reporter: romney often looked directly at the president who instead addressed most of his responses to the audience, or the moderator. the debate remained sizzled, mitt romney went after the president for green energy, and high profile companies in the bay area. >> you put $90 billion, like 50 years worth of breaks, into solar and wind. i have a friend who say you don't just pick the winners and losers, you pick the losers. >> reporter: the president said his plan doesn't add up. >> i think math, common sense, and our history shows us that's not a recipe for job growth. >> reporter: tonight's debate might also be remembered for what the president did not bring up, his successes, such as the turn around of the auto industry, and the romney gaffes what romney said 47% see themselves as victims. >> live outside the debate convenient new in denver, where thousands gathered to watch the candidates. >> reporter: frank, we are here at the university of denver, a
. >> reporter: he used the event to rev up the supporters after new polls show the race tightening with romney after his strong show in the debate. >> romney. we were talking about this -- he was confident but he was speaking -- confidently. protesters waves signs. >> we aren't funneling drugs to the black marketw. are keeping patients such as myself from having to resort to the black market. >> reporter: early net evening police blocked streets near the hotel where he attended a expensive event. 25 supporters paid $40,000 each for a seat at the round table. on the tarmac. >> i think it's just a wonderful opportunity. >> reporter: there was plenty of excitement. >> i think he needs four more years to finish what he started. >> reporter: the days events expected to bring in about four million dollars to his campaign and that is important cash as both of the candidates rachet up their television adds. reporting live in san francisco. heather hoppings. >> more details on the president's night in san francisco. before the conner speech he attended a fundraising dinner for 100 donors. bay area
's new ban against conversion therapy used to tray gay teenagers is now the subject of two federal lawsuits. christian legal group liberty council filed a lawsuit. therapists claim it can change the sexual orientation of teens. the conservative pacific justice institute also filed suit. the ban would take effect january 1st. >>> tonight at 10:25 the story of a gay teen in a battle with the boy scouts. his family's fight for his eagle rank and where they are taking it. >>> albany police are releasing new information tonight about the popular teacher who was arrested molestation charges then committed suicide. the chief of police commended the alleged victims for coming forward. azumasaki was arrested on suspicion of lewd acts with students a week ago he then committed suicide. many in the community were critical of police because they felt authorities charged him prematurely. >>> san francisco's roman catholic community welcomed its new leader today. salvatore cordiolone was installed as new arch bishop. the new arch bishop's move is short in distance but large in significance. >> r
to assist us in this situation. >> i would say i'm not surprised about anything. you never know who's doing what and you never know what to expect. >> reporter: we asked police if love had a criminal history they would only say that they are familiar with him. reporting live here in vallejo, amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> happening now, crews with the san francisco puc are working on treasure island to fix a water main break. happened around 7:00 tonight right in front of the main great on the island. it appears that most of treasure island is without water service at this time. we're talked to a puc spokesperson about 30 minutes ago and he said it is not clear how long it'll take to fix the break or how long the water service is going to be done. >> the alameda police have arrested the arrest of two teenager for the murder of a woman. one has been identified cody natosha and other is a 16-year- old. detectives say they left after the killing, had lunch, then returned to the home and set it on fire. >> later on that evening they realized there was a dead body in this home and they may
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